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Ever want to do some self-reflection to make sure you are "right" before the Most High? King David did. He said, "Renew a right spirit within me." Or do you long to grow more into the Daughter of Zion that your heavenly Father desires you to be?  Or maybe you just need some encouragement in your walk? The Inspire Blog posts,  the unique courses & Heart Search workbook are designed to do exactly that.


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Set Apart Sisters is a platform for Daughters of Zion to introspect & examine our hearts & grow spiritually, as we aspire to be more like Yahusha, with oil ready in our lamps, to ultimately be women after Yah's own heart.

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Katriel Lael BathYah
Katriel Lael BathYah
My Heart Search Journey: Devotional Journal: A Must-Have in your walk growing closer to Yah!! My Heart Search Journey: Devotional Journey is a phenomenal tool for both daughters and sons of The Most High Yah! This devotional guides you into the all-important task of examining your own heart, so that you may gain a deeper, more intimate relationship with our Creator. This is not an easy walk, and examining ourselves is the hardest part! This book's guided reflections helps make you more apt to truly search out your heart (Psalms 119:59) and turn to Yah. If you're serious about your walk with Yah, you need this book!

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