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Many times for years, I have prayed and asked for The Most High Yahuah to reveal & guide me into The Secret Place. Truthfully, I do not know what to expect. Sure, thoughts like “I’m sure it will be a beautiful experience when Yahuah brings me that knowledge” comes to my mind. But, HIS secret […]

Study to Show Yourself Approved

by Sister Jamie As I came into this walk, I realized how passive I had been when learning about my Heavenly Father.  I had allowed people to tell me what was in the Scriptures instead of reading the Word for myself.  I needed know what the Father had written in it for me.  The Father […]

Meeting ABBA in the secret place

by Sister Keturah Have you ever felt disconnected? Have you ever felt like you could see but, barely, like looking through a glass dimly? I’ve been there before… Where at first, I’m walking with my ABBA but somewhere along the way life’s distractions and worries bring me down a path that doesn’t lead home. My […]

I Am Redeemed

By Sister Sharon HaleluYah! Praise Yahuah Who forgives and tosses sins and regrets into the sea of forgetfulness it sets us free and we are indeed till we paddle back and reel it in once more, twice more and again then again plaguing the soul sometimes days on end. How will Yah forget if we […]

Healing Through Prayer

In the Discipleship Course Part One, we discuss a topic about healing. Specifically, healing through repentance. It’s a concept that honestly I hadn’t thought much of our considered prior to the discipleship class. What I found interesting was the word “healing” found in this other popular verse of Scripture in the Book of James. We […]

The Narrow Path Leads to Life

Author Joyful Song Shalom and welcome, sisters! My name is Sister Nicole Brooks, however, my screen name is Sister Joyful Song. Feel free to call me by either of those. Discussing a variety of topics with women from a true biblical perspective has been a passion of mine for a very long time. I was […]

Trusting Yah Even When It’s Hard

Have you ever felt like giving up? Have you ever wondered, “Does God see me?” “Does He hear me?” “Does He even have a plan for me?” Yes, He sees you. He’s listening, and He has a plan. Sometimes our troubles can feel like it’s more than we can bear. The stress in our minds […]

Woman Initiators

Let’s talk… KINGDOM RELATIONSHIPS: For the Benefit and Edification of Kingdom Women.