Articles & Poetry

Be blessed by the wonderful contributions of sisters undergoing these courses. A couple of the course teachers also drop some nuggets in this section!



Many times for years, I have prayed and asked for The Most High Yahuah to reveal & guide ...

Study to Show Yourself Approved

by Sister Jamie As I came into this walk, I realized how passive I had been when learning ...

Meeting ABBA in the secret place

by Sister Keturah Have you ever felt disconnected? Have you ever felt like you could see but, barely, ...

I Am Redeemed

By Sister Sharon HaleluYah! Praise Yahuah Who forgives and tosses sins and regrets into the sea of forgetfulness ...

Healing Through Prayer

In the Discipleship Course Part One, we discuss a topic about healing. Specifically, healing through repentance. It's a ...
Designed for the Heart Search Journey

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There is a 365-page Workbook that goes along with the Heart Search journey course found on this website! This thick workbook is brimming with prompts that are designed to accompany your journey.  It has the perfect places to pen your thoughts and reflections as you "work" the various pages and prompts throughout the workbook.