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Class 1: Foundation Building
Class 3: Repentance Points 3 and 4
We all enter into this walk from various places. We are all at various stages of growth. Even those of us who attended Bible colleges or were leaders for years within Christianity, we were taught many lies. Or sadly, some of us were never taught the Gospel correctly. To bring all students on the same page, the same biblical page(s) of Yah's Word, we require everyone to start the class with some critical key topics such as True Repentance and Understanding What is Biblical Discipleship.
Discipleship Course (Copy 1) (Copy 1)
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Buckle up and enjoy the ride, as we continue our journey on the attributes and requirements of true repentance as women of Faith. 

In this video, you’re going to dive a little deeper into True Repentance by examing the “8 Points of True Repentance.” You will also get a clear picture of “Forgiveness” and at least one bonus topic specifically geared to us as women. 

May Abba bless our efforts as we continue to seek Him with all sincerity.  May we be pleasing unto Him, as we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.  Shalom!

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