Breaking Free: Identifying & Overcoming Idols

Breaking Free: Identifying & Overcoming Idols

Sister Jamie

Contributed by Sister Jamie

It’s important to recognize and address idols in our lives—anything that takes precedence over our devotion to Yahuah. After all, it’s one of the 10 commandments!

But what does it look like for us to have “idols” in our lives? The below video takes us on a short journey to:

  • Recognize Idols in Our Lives: Through personal reflection and scripture, the video encourages viewers to identify their idols and consider whether they can relinquish these attachments if Yahusha asked them to. It highlights the necessity of prioritizing our relationship with Yahuah above all else.
  • Realize the Impact of Idols on Our Spiritual Journey:  The video explores how various idols, whether they are tangible objects or intangible desires, can disrupt our connection with Yahuah. By recognizing these distractions, we can begin to address them and restore our focus on our faith.
  • Hear Practical Steps to Identify and Overcome Idols:  Offering practical steps for analyzing how we spend our time, the video encourages us to live intentionally. With the help of the Ruach, we can control these desires and remove idols from our lives, ultimately finding peace and fulfillment in our faith.
  • Connect Scripture:  Scripture is a cornerstone in the video, providing a foundation for understanding the dangers of idolatry and the importance of devotion to Yahuah. Key verses are shared to inspire and guide viewers in their journey to overcome idols.

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Idol Time Tracker (Free Download)

You can download the helpful worksheet mentioned in this video to assist in documenting and reflecting on how you spend your time, helping you identify and overcome idols in your life.

Click here to download the Idol Time Tracker



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