Here are recommended resources for your walk in Yah We will grow this list over time. Be sure to "test" everything!

  • Kingdom Relationships - Courship Dating Marriage Divorce - Torah Based - Yahuah Yahusha

    Kingdom Relationships

    This is a Video Podcast that openly discusses hot topics & questions about dating, courtship, marriage & divorce within the Torah community and those who call on the Most High (𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or Yahuah) and His Son (𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤔𐤏 or Yahusha).

  • Yahudah Living Community

    Yahudah Living

    Yahudah Living is a community & platform that believes in a lifestyle of praise to Abba Yah (Yahudah means "Praise to Yah.") There are many resources compiled by this platform for all of Yashrael, such as Home Birth testimonies, upcoming events, & a directory of many other resources!

  • Torah-Based Counseling

    Compassionate Soul Care Ministry

    Compassionate Soul Care Ministry (CSCM) provides Torah-based counseling with the purpose to help you achieve psychological, social, and mental health. If you experienced spiritual abuse or need help overcoming shame, or other issues, check out this ministry team.

  • All Praises Radio - Logo

    All Praises Radio

    All Praises Radio delivers Set Apart Music 24-hours a day. There are also Scripture meditations and Torah readings along with radio shows and even Requests Hours where you can request the songs of your choosing! Renew your mind with His Word set to music.

  • Fourth Angels Learning Center (4ALC) 02

    Fourth Angels Learning Center

    Fourth Angels Learning Center is a Torah-based ministry and academy that develops resources and dissects the Bible in an easy-to-understand manner to answer Bible topics & questions.

  • Bloom for Yah Ministry

    Bloom for Yah Ministry

    This ministry helps you get your BODY (your temple) in shape as well as your spiritual man. Bloom for Yah is Set-apart training esteeming Yah in body and spirit for the building of the next generation!

Designed for the Heart Search Journey

Grab Your Very Own Workbook!

There is a 365-page Workbook that goes along with the Heart Search journey course found on this website! This thick workbook is brimming with prompts that are designed to accompany your journey.  It has the perfect places to pen your thoughts and reflections as you "work" the various pages and prompts throughout the workbook.