The Narrow Path Leads to Life

The Narrow Path Leads to Life


  • Joyful Song

    Shalom and welcome, sisters! My name is Sister Nicole Brooks, however, my screen name is Sister Joyful Song. Feel free to call me by either of those. Discussing a variety of topics with women from a true biblical perspective has been a passion of mine for a very long time. I was happily married for well over 20 years. My husband had been both a deacon and minister. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago. But I learned many good things from the Heavenly Father, through my husband, may his name be remembered for a blessing. A few of the things I learned from him was the extreme importance of being real with Elohim, not continuing in the same sins, over and over again, and promoting the importance of that to others. It's important to care about the wellbeing and souls of others and to not treat life haphazardly. A strong sense of responsibility is a character trait that we all need. We must care enough to be there for one another, as we are able. This is what sisterhood is all about. We are instructed to love our neighbor as ourselves. I want each of us to have the opportunity to learn of our Heavenly Father's truth without undergoing spiritual abuse, falsehood, cult-like activity/treatment, ulterior motives, etc. We all need a safe space to be free to learn of our Heavenly Father and His truth. Having come out of Sunday church, this journey has not been an easy one. As I've studied under some very good teachers down through the years, I've been blessed to glean some valuable things that I am grateful to be able to share with my sisters in Messiah, to help encourage them in this walk of faith. My prayer is that my life experience, things I've learned/studied, and my relationship with Abba, will enable me to be a blessing to others, produce good fruit, and be an edifying encouragement to other women who are looking to be discipled in their new walk (even to those who aren't new in this walk) and to help them in their quest to also produce good fruit for Abba. Discipleship is something we all need to help set us on a firm foundation for success in our relationship with the Heavenly Father. It's like a compass to help us to properly navigate as we begin our journey forward as daughters of Zion, daughters of the KING. Most of all, I long to be a blessing and a light to others, pleasing unto Abba. May these classes be a light and a blessing to your souls, all while pointing you to The Creator and His Divine love, blessed be He, forever and ever. May He always get the glory and honor. HalleluYAH!!! Shalom aleichem!

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